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Kompan EDGE Playground Equipment


The durability and security of EDGE allows kids to safely use each part of the structure as a play event.

  • Vandal resistant materials used for durability.
  • PLAY360° Design™ gives kids the ability to circumnavigate around the entire structure without touching the ground.
  • PLAYActive™ features are designed into each structure giving kids access to the entire structure.
  • Diverse play events offer various levels of difficulty for children of all abilities.
  • Custom structures are available to fit the needs of your playground.



Kompan Galaxy Playground Equipment

Galaxy™ has challenging  and innovative playground equipment that capture the imagination of kids aged 5 to 12+.

  • The system components can be customized to create unique constellations to fit any playground and budget.
  • Inclusion in play enriches everyone’s experience on the playground, and Galaxy™ offers access to children of all abilities.
  • Durable materials are used in all components that stand up to the toughest conditions and use.
  • Galvanized steel and contrasting colors creates a look of rugged sophistication that older children find appealing.
  • Galaxy’s™ patented, transparent design allows it to blend with any environment.



Kompan ICON Playground Equipment

The future of outdoor play for today’s digital generation is here. For over 40 years we’ve translated a child’s need to play into beautiful, innovative forms. ICON on GALAXY combines our award-winning play design with the excitement of electronic gaming.

  • ICON combines outdoor play with digital, interactive gaming.
  • Four unique products complete any play environment.
  • Each product features multiple games for limitless team play options.
  • ICON energizes the playground with games that encourage competition, interaction, teamwork and coordination.
  • ICON is multi-climate rated for maximum durability.



Kompan BLOQX Playground Equipment

BLOQX was developed in cooperation with some of the world’s best climbers combined with the input of many youth. BLOQX is a place for all to play and gather no matter the age, skill level or ability.

  • All KOMPAN products are tested and certified to applicable safety requirements: IPEMA, ASTM F1487 and CSA Z614.
  • The foot plate of BLOQX is coated with a non-slip textured surface to provide a safe foothold.
  • To secure the internal fall height, no climbing grips are placed on the surface adjacent to the suspended BLOQX. Instead the plate is provided with a non slippery texture to provide a safe foothold.
  • BLOQX bright colors and exciting design attracts users. The variety in plate color and climbing grips will encourage users to invent routes and design increasingly difficult challenges for themselves or in competition with others.




Corocord designs offer limitless play options with a wide selection of standard sizes. Using Corocord’s patented steel-reinforced cable, Domes, Spacenets, and Parkour products form dynamic structures, creating a scene for imaginative play that every kid can enjoy.

  • All KOMPAN products are tested and certified to applicable safety requirements: IPEMA, ASTM F1487 and CSA Z614.
  • Corocord’s patented induction process fuses the plyamide braid onto the steel-wire center, creating permanent strength and a soft, comfortable grip.
  • Choose from a variety of cable shades ranging from natural to rainbow-striped
  • Ergonomic rope diameters for age appropriate size