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BLOQX was developed in cooperation with some of the world’s best climbers combined with the input of many youth. BLOQX is a place for all to play and gather no matter the age, skill level or ability.

  • All KOMPAN products are tested and certified to applicable safety requirements: IPEMA, ASTM F1487 and CSA Z614.
  • The foot plate of BLOQX is coated with a non-slip textured surface to provide a safe foothold.
  • To secure the internal fall height, no climbing grips are placed on the surface adjacent to the suspended BLOQX. Instead the plate is provided with a non slippery texture to provide a safe foothold.
  • BLOQX bright colors and exciting design attracts users. The variety in plate color and climbing grips will encourage users to invent routes and design increasingly difficult challenges for themselves or in competition with others.

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